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Our Happy Clients


Third May Films is a production house well equipped with a roster of multi-skilled directors, producers, visual graphic designers, script writers and technicians whose work ranges from feature films to visual storytelling to documentaries and advertisements. We have professionals holding several years of experience in film and ad industry who bring in a fresh perspective in film making and who are persistently challenging themselves to bring something new to the viewers.

Neeraj Tiwari

Neeraj is a self taught film maker. His passion and love for films made him quit his corporate job to follow film making. Neeraj has worked with several production houses writing and directing over 20 television commercials, digital content, food shows and documentaries. He has done 2 feature films as chief assistant director; one for Chef Vikas Khanna’s Film titled “THE LAST COLOR” and “HALKAA”, a film directed by National Award winning director Nila Padhab Panda.

Vibhav Srivastava
Script Writer

Vibhav is a perfect blend of Hindi Literature and Urdu Poetry. He has a strong hold on multiple languages, human behavior and varied cultures which help him come up with interesting, unique and nuanced stories as a writer.In a career spanning over a decade in theaters as a play writer and actor, Vibhav got to write multiple plays for the legendary theater artist Late Mr. Tom Alter. Vibhav is currently developing and writing feature films.

Ravi Shankar Kaushik

Ravi Shankar Kaushik is a filmmaker, specializing in producing time bound content for short films, music videos and corporate videos. He has relevant skills and experience of several years and has successfully created more than 25 projects including short films and ad films while participating in time bound film competitions.

Anuj Tyagi

Anuj has been working in entertainment and advertising sector for almost a decade now. He has been Associate Director and Executive Producer in over 6 Hindi feature films, and handled private and government sector projects for more than 20 companies and several state governments.

Pankaj Suri
Campaign Manager & Copy

Pankaj is an Ideapreneur with 8 years of working experience in advertising & Marketing communication. Specialized in creating 360 marketing & promotional campaigns.Pankaj is a brand enthusiast, motivated to design & envision brand campaigns & committed to harvest results aligned with brand ethos & image.

Varnika Chaudhary
Assistant Director

Varnika has been working on several projects with advertising agencies, and has been part of 2 feature films.